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If you have landed on this page, then it means you want to know a little about us.

We also would like to know you and together get to know the beautiful world of the sea, the largest surface on earth. This world is one where we learn to both appreciate and respect it along with the ideals, the endless moments of adventure, the tension, the calm .... discrimination moments with continued success.

About Us - Santorini Speed Sailing

Our goal is to enjoy the unique experiences that surpass all of our expectations, discovering the secrets of nature combined with technology and of course, the magic of sailing

Our philosophy is to provide friends and fellow travellers with fun and exciting activities. It will be our pleasure to show and explain all of the elements such as the wind and how we travel under sail that combine to make trimaran sailing so unique and special.

Safety is of the upmost importantance for "all" of us and it on this that we place great emphasis. We have all the necessary equipment and information before and during the trip. As we say that the best journey is always the safest one.

We are very proud to have with us one of the fastest racing yachts in the world - the Trimaran "AKRON AOTON" - which has a great history in the maritime arena and was the Orma Cup Winner in 2000, 2001, 2003 & 2004 when sailing as "GROUPAMA 1". In 2007 when sailing as "HIQ", it was the Winner of the Round Gotland race, held the Speed ​​record Helsinki Tallin and the Speed ​​record in the Round Tjörn race.


Man, wind, sea = the perfect marriage, a way of life.

He has a huge love for sailing, has many miles in the water arena, having taken part in many races with many victories and dozens of winners cups for offshore racing.

Respect, love and appreciation of the sea and the environment are the elements that distinguish him.

He has a lot to show us through his experience, although he says there are no experienced captains, just old ones. Because every day is different and every other day at sea is a different experience.

Santorini Speed Sailing

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